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officers but by him disarming them. >> reporter: shortly after they were murdered, goulet took their weapons and took one of the officer's cars. police found goulet nearby and after a gun battle was dead. he had three weapons including two guns believed to have belonged to the slain officers. he was also wearing body armor. goulet worked at the kind grind coffee shop in santa cruz and customers say he was recently fired. now as the sheriff's department investigates the shooting, the police chief is doing his best to help his officers cope with the tragedy. >> it's been devastating. there's no words to adequately describe what my department has been going through. >> reporter: santa cruz police arrested goulet just last week for public intoxication. he was also on suspicion of breaking into a co-worker's home recently and making unwanted sexual advances.
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now he had done time before and also sex related offenses. and a neighbor told me that he mentioned that he had no intention of ever doing time in jail again. reporting live in santa cruz, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. thanks, marianne. former neighbors and co-workers of the alleged gunman in the east bay say they're completely stunned by what's happened. jeremy goulet lived in the upstairs unit of this berkeley complex with his twin brother for about a year. his neighbor says the brothers would sometimes get in heated arguments and on one occasion prompted her to call police but she still felt comfortable house sitting and hanging out with the brothers until she found out about the suspect's criminal history late last year. after that she said he seemed creepy but not capable of violence. >> and i was just blown away at the fact that, like, he could shoot two police officers, like, that takes a lot.
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and it's just sad to know that two officers were down and it's just sad to know that someone that i was neighbor friends were would do that. >> the suspect worked as a barista for six months. the owner said he seemed like a straight and narrow guy but fired him after he failed to follow company policies. his father talked about his troubled son but would only do so off camera. ronald goulet lives in rosamond. he broke down in tears recalling his lifelong battle with voyeurism. he says jeremy was soured on the criminal justice system after a 2007 arrest in portland where he was caught spying on a woman while she was showering. goulet says the legal problems derailed his son's military career. the father choked up as he said, quote, killing those cops was just unforgivable. he says he never dreamed jeremy's rage would result in murder. jeremy goulet's twin brother got
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a text from jeremy after the two officers were killed reading, i'm in big trouble. i love you. fearing the worst, family members checked santa cruz news reports and knew jeremy was involved. it's really a role reversal. instead of the police serving the community, it's the community serving the police from santa cruz to the bay area and beyond, a lot of people are uniting tonight to try to help and console the shaken department in santa cruz. nbc bay area's kris sanchez continues our coverage and, kris, what are the details tonight? >> reporter: well, raj, the vigil is under way at the community center. the gathering by take back santa cruz was just too large to happen here in front of the santa cruz police department. but this is where the community has been dropping by all day with flowers and notes of support mourning the first two officers killed in the line of duty in this department's 150-year history. the thought of detective elizabeth butler's 1 and
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5-year-old sons growing up without their mother is moving many people in santa cruz to tears. >> there are young children that don't have a mother anymore. and when you see the pictures of sergeant loran baker and elizabeth butler and their families, you can't help but think that's my neighbor and those are my police officers that helped protect my commun y community. >> reporter: a southern california native and ten-year veteran of the santa cruz police department. sergeant loran "butch" baker was with the police department for 28 years. >> i had a special relationship with butch. he and i started with the department about same time. we worked as partners in the early 1990s. >> reporter: as the mound of flowers and messages grows, the mayor says it's no wonder why. >> and they weren't just officers, they were friends, our neighbors, they had families in our community. these are people we saw in our schools and on our streets.
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>> reporter: while the families mourn privately the santa cruz police department, too, closed its doors and put the city in the hands of the sheriff's department and the chp. >> it's wonderful that they reach out to each other and we -- >> reporter: the support of their community. >> and we love them and that we honor their -- the loved ones that died and that we are there for them in spirit and in prayer. >> reporter: now, again, that vigil continues at the loudoun nelson community center through 8:00 if you want to show up. we'll show you details of that at 11:00. we also know that there are other events, services, vigils, planned for later on in the week and, of course, we'll let you know about those as well. in santa cruz, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. okay, we will see you at
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11:00. we invite to you stay with us here for our continuing coverage of this story both on air and on 0line. just go to our website, to find the latest updates as well as raw video from today's press briefing. that's new tonight at 6:00, the families of two east bay cyclists feared kidnapped in peru are finally celebrating tonight after connecting with the couple. late this afternoon garrett hand posted a status update saying i am alive. his girlfriend, jamie neal, posted an apology for worrying everyone. neal explained they were traveling through the amazon and had no access to electricity let alone the internet. hand's family shared their relief of reporters a short time ago after speak iing with garre on the phone this afternoon. >> i can't wait to see my son and his girlfriend, jamie, walking off a plane in sfo and
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grabbing him in my arms and holding him close to me. >> the family says they're incredibly grateful to everyone who helped spread the word to help find the couple. the contra costa county firefighter accused of threatening co-workers and stealing from his own department for years could face up to five years in prison. investigative reporter vickie nguyen joins us. >> reporter: charges range from embezzlement and receiving stolen goods to possession of an assault weapon and commercial burglary of about $35,000 worth of fire gear. we've also learned of new developments involving the work place violence restraining order against wilmont. fire captain john wilmont spent 27 years with the contra costa fire district. during several of those years he harassed co-workers, stole from
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the department, and threatened citizens he was sworn to pro-forget. investigators use this had camera disguised as a utility box to capture images of him removing bags full of tools and supplies from a fire station. in this work place violence restraining order obtained exclusively by the investigative unit the battalion chief says he wrote a co-worker's name on a bullet and gave it to him and that he stole another firefighter's uniform. the chief also cites police reports showing he threatened a man with a hammer over a parking spot and threatened to rape a woman after she called him by mistake. police found 53 guns and thousands of rounds of ammo in his three homes. he is now facing four felony charges. >> we're treating it just like any other case. he's certainly not going to get any special treatment and, unfortunately, he's violated the public trust. he's in a position of trust, so it's unfortunate that this happened. >> reporter: excuse me, are you mr. wilmont?
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>> no, uh-uh. >> reporter: when we met up with him -- who are you. >> i'm brad. >> reporter: are you his friend or -- >> a friend. >> reporter: he gave us a fake name and drove off. his attorneys tell us he has no comment on the felony charges filed against him. and we've also learned his attorney is now trying to negotiate an out-of-court settlement with the district over his restrain iing order. we asked the district why it would pursue such a settlement but they say they have no comment. live in the newsroom, i'm vickie nguyen. if you have a tip give us a call 888-996-tips or accepted us an e-mail to the unit. a dating website puts an upscale peninsula city in its cross hairs. still ahead here at 6:00, the multimillion-dollar offer that's raising eyebrows. >> reporter: i'm scott budman at the annual apple shareholder's meeting where the company's true owners get to weigh in on the
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stock price and the company's future direction. and only on nbc bay area, deadly mass shooting in the south bay leads to a lawsuit. why the victim's families say warning signs were ignored. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. we did track low to mid-70s across the bay area. look at the radar right now. we have some rain off to the north. what this means for our forecast tonight and tomorrow morning coming up in just a few minutes.
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now to a story you'll see only on nbc bay area. their lives have never been the same. their husbands both killed by a co-worker at the lehigh cement quarry in 2011. tonight the widows and their children are suing lehigh claiming the company it did not react to warning signs about the killer. nbc bay area's damian trujillo is live at the courthouse where
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the families say they are seeking justice. damian? >> reporter: a judge already looked at this wrongful death claim filed by the families and decided to let this case proceed. three men were killed that day. today we spoke with two of their families. >> it has been very very -- very difficult time. it's like -- it's like been an empty hole. >> reporter: it's been almost 17 minutes since they lost their husbands. >> it's been really hard. i go day by day and there are times i won't get out of bed and holidays, anniversaries are really hard. he was my rock. >> reporter: dawn, october 5, 2011, their husband's co-worker stormed into a meeting at the lehigh cement quarry and opened
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fire. he killed three men and wounded many more. he told his friends his co-workers were trying to get him fired so he confronted them. >> this is as painful as anything possibly could be. i could never have imagined. >> reporter: the families are now suing lehigh claiming the victims warned hr and supervisors many times saying he was unstable, made death threats and carried a gun in his car. >> i do feel it was preventible had management taken the correct action that should have been taken. i miss him every single day. >> reporter: lehigh released the following statement to nbc bay area. quote, the company intends to vigorously defend itself against the allegations in these complain complaints. as a matter of policy, we cannot provide further comment on active litigation. today a memorial sits at the entrance of the quarry with the
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names of munoz, pinon and a third. >> you have that feeling that nobody is ever going to be able to fill. >> and when my husband took that bullet, i felt it. i felt it. he made my life absolutely beautiful. and that is gone. that has been ripped from my soul. >> reporter: almond ended up shooting himself during a shoot-out with police on the day after the quarry incident. both sides will be in the courthouse behind me in april. we're live in san jose, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> damian, thank you. what a mess it's been. homeowners in san francisco are still cleaning up after a water main broke sending a wall of mud into the streets. take a look at the video here. 16 inch pipe burst overnight and caused a huge sinkhole.
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the mud from it surrounded at least a dozen cars and damaged 23 homes near 15th in west portal. you see our nbc helicopter on the scene. mud and water filled garages and downstairs bedrooms with more than two feet of water. a spokesperson for the city public utilities commission says early on at least six homes were yellow tagged meaning they may have settling issues and need further inspection. the pipe was 61 years old and it's still unclear why it broke. perhaps it was just the age of the pipe. the spokesperson says san francisco will cover damage cau caused by the rupture. an interesting day at apple headquarters in cupertino. tim cook answered a lot of questions as well as interesting exchange regarding al gore who sits on apple's board of directors. we bring in scott budman at today's big meeting. scott? >> reporter: raj, not all that much damage. he soothed investors by promising more cool apple products and work on ways to distribute at least some of apple's $137 billion cash reserve to investors.
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so besides that request, which was to remove former vice president al gore from apple's board of directors for selling his tv station to al jazeera, the shareholder meeting was pretty smooth and despite a recent tumble, investors seem pleased with their apple ownership. >> i am very happy because if you look at the return since that time frame, it's excellent. i'm now getting dividends which is awesome. so, yes, it's down from $700 last fall, but it'll be back up. you know, these people have no patience. >> reporter: cook respond ed to questions about a shareholder lawsuit over apple's cash reserves calling it silly. check out these numbers. the dow up 175 points today, now within 100 points of its all-time record high. got a new building near the flea market. building about 200 new units, that subdivision will be right next to a b.a.r.t. station that
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is due to start running trains in about 2017. good news, also, for facebook today. the social networking giant getting the thumbs up from the planning commission to build the next phase of its headquarters. fa facebook says it plans to build a 433,000-foot building near its current digs. and one final note, treasury secretary nominee jack lew had been confirmed by the senate. he was formally the white house chief of staff. back to you. >> thanks so much, scott. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, and it is -- i need to work on my suntan. it is suntan weather, isn't it? >> get that spf out. it will continue to warm up. we had 70 in santa rosa. it was all about the south bay with some of the warmest weather today probably even got away with wearing the shorts. look at this, 74 in santa teresa. 75 in gilroy and temperatures are dropping off right now but nothing too unusual at least for this time of the year. what we are noting is this plume of moisture in washington and
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also oregon. this is producing some rainfall very close here to the bay area, mainly extreme northern california. this will mainly mean tonight an increase in cloud cover. let's show that you in our hd sky camera network. looks stormy but once again we're expecting dry weather there in the mid to lower levels for the peninsula, also the south bay, and then right up on into emeryville you can see the cloud cover that's continuing across downtown. so let's get you into the forecast as we head throughout thursday. we'll start off with temperatures in the upper 30s inland, 40s at the coast. some areas of fog and the low cloud cover. then by the afternoon hours, a lot of sunshine again and temperatures in the low 70s throughout the east bay and also for the south bay. on your allergy forecast, this, unfortunately, is not going to get better. not until we get rainfall in here and we are forecasting some of that but let's get to the three-day forecast first. tomorrow cloud cover to start, sun by the afternoon, high pollen friday with sunny skies and mid-70s. some of the warmest weather of
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2013 coming our way for friday and also saturday and if you want the rain to help your allergies and also help this slight drought that we're in, it looks like by next week tuesday, wednesday, and thursday we'll start to undergo some larger changes for the jet stream pushing right across southern california and that could drop our temperatures but most importantly bring us a half inof to one inch of rain. more on that in the full seven-day forecast later on in the show. >> being okay, jeff, we'll see you shortly. she was fired from the job. parents on the peninsula are trying to get her job back. and then the tragic death of a sibling and the impact it can have on a person's health. and it's a big party with a big price tag. will you be paying for it? we'll have new developments.
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a lot of buzz about this
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story, one of the most expensive parties in bay area history and you might be paying for it. the bay area toll authority wants to spend more than $5 million for the grand opening party of the eastern span. today officials agreed to use $5.6 million in bridge tolls to pay for public safety and access during the labor day celebration. now they're trying to decide if they should charge a small fee to people who want to walk across the bridge. it will be shut down that weekend. some say there should be no charge. others say a small fee would be worth it to participate in that historic event. supervisor david campos wants to rename sfo after the gay rights pioneer. many oppose the idea. a petition has 20,000 signatures in support of the name change. the idea will be heard at a board meeting march 21st. the job market and the
6:24 pm
housing market to be discussed at the state of the city address. mayor jean quan is to deliver an upbeat picture of the city. quan has been in office since 2011 and said the city is in its best financial shape in a decade. but she will have to address the biggest problem, the crime rate. it has increased in each of the two years she has served as mayor. tonight's meeting will be held at 7:00. has its eye on wood side. the dieting website is celebrating its anniversary. they want official government correspondence selected institutions and street signs to reflect the new name. what else, a statue of hugh hefner near town hall or another public figure that represents the sugar daddy lifestyle. sugar daddy has made this offer to other cities but have been
6:25 pm
turned down. the health had of straight couples and gay couples. a broken restaurant inspection system in silicon valley. now we uncover the popular bay area restaurants keeping their health code violation as secret. we'll show you what our hidden camera investigation reveals. an emotional farewell. to vatican city for the pope's final words before he steps down. ♪
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secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke.
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your health and the health of your family depend on it. was she out of line or was she fired unfairly? a group of parents are coming to the defense of a popular gymnastics teacher suddenly fired. >> joe rosato jr. shows us what parents are doing to try and get her job back. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: one of the few people who is flattered when someone says she is acting like a kid. so it's fitting that for the
6:28 pm
last five years she's taught jim nass particulars to preschoolers. >> we just encourage preschool kids to love movement. >> reporter: just two weeks ago she was thrown to the mat. she was suddenly fired from the city run program. >> basically there was a letter of complaint that came in at the end of january from an unhappy pare parent, so i have to assume that was the reason i was fired. >> reporter: that letter sent by an angry parent to the city council said sutton asked her to leave class mid session. sutton said she was following the program's policies that said parents had to wait outside the classroom. >> my concern was my reputation and what the parents would think. >> reporter: attempts to contact the parents who filed the complaint were unsuccessful. city officials would only say it was confidential matter. other parents had plenty to say.
6:29 pm
>> everybody was confused and upset why such a wonderful teacher would be dismissed from the program mid-session. >> reporter: fisher and a group of parents are calling for s sutton's reinstatement. >> it shows what an impact she has had on the families. >> reporter: the group is e-mailing city leaders asking them to reinstate sutton. sutton says she is moved by the support. >> i miss my job very much. i love what i it did. ideally i would love to go back. the war on drugs inc california could mean lesser penalties for drug possession. legislation to allow prosecutors to file misdemeanors for simple possession of heroin, cocaine and other hard drugs. it could save up to $200 million a year by not having to keep
6:30 pm
offenders behind bars and having a misdemeanor rather than a felony helps drug offenders get back on their feet sooner. >> with a felony on your record, you can't live in your mother's home if she is getting government support for her housing. never get a pell grant. your hopes and dreams of a college he heducatiohe haeducat forever. >> 6 % of californians think simple possession of drugs should be a misdemeanor. with the u.s. supreme court hearing just weeks away from hearing prop 8, arguments have been filed with the court. she claims the backers of prop 8, which bans same sex marriage, have no legal standing in this case. harris claims the group protect marriage isn't hurt by the pr practice of allowing same sex couples to marry and since they can't enforce laws they have no standing in whether they should
6:31 pm
be repealed. the lie court will hear arguments on march 26th. it was an emotional farewell from pope benedict xvi as thousands of people gathered at vatican city. tomorrow he will step down leaving the roman catholic church and its 1 billion worldwide follow eers without a pope. marianne joins us from the vatican. marianne? >> reporter: raj, pope benedict xvi spoke of the burdens of his office as well as the joy. st. peters square alive with excitement as the first pope in six centuries chooses to resign revealing at 85 years old he no longer has the stamina to leave the roman catholic church. >> i will continue to accompany the church with my prayers and ask each of you to pray for me and for the new hope. >> reporter: those who will choose his successor found his final words especially moving. >> it was such a beautiful moment to see the holy father
6:32 pm
give his whole life and service to the church. >> reporter: benedict noted the difficult times of his pa pacy thanking the faithful for understanding his decision to step down for the good of the church. >> so it's a kind of a death to a certain office and moving on, and he got a chance to sum it up in his own words and was thinking, well, good for him. >> reporter: one last victory lap in the pope mo beb popemobi. benedict seemed to enjoy that and so did the people who filled the square. >> it's not really sadness but just maybe, like, when you say good-bye to friends. >> his humanity came through so strongly. >> reporter: the cardinals will not begin meeting until monday. first and formally. then they will set a date for the conclave to elect benedict's successor. late thursday the pope will be taken by helicopter to the summer residence. there he will live until his
6:33 pm
home is ready for him. then promptly at 8:00 p.m., that is his usual end of the work day, the swiss guards will leave him, no longer the pope. the first time in 600 years that one has resigned. marianne ahern at the vatican for nbc bay area. the u.s. supreme court is deciding on a landmark piece of civil rights legislation. arguments on an alabama case challenging section five of the 1965 voting rights act. it requires states with a history of discrimination, mostly in the south, to get federal permission before making any changes to voting requirements. the purpose 48 years ago was to outlaw a rule requiring voters to pass a literacy test first. opponents say times have changed and they're outdated. the supreme court is expected to issue a decision in june. time is running out. two days until sequestration and
6:34 pm
$85 billion in automatic spending cuts. both sides don't have negotiations scheduled until friday. they say the president is waiting until the last minute so he can blame the g 0 op. federal agencies are preparing for the cuts. the faa plans to furlough thousands of workers causing flight delays and schools expect to lose millions of dollars in grants. >> you lay off notices are beginning to roll. there will be a lot more of that in march and april. class sizes, after school programs. >> the fallout has already begun. a homeland security official resigned after okaying the release of hundreds of illegal immigrants this past week in advance of the possible spending cuts citing the department did not have the money to jail them. emotional testimony today on capitol hill as the did debate over gun control heated up. the senate held a hearing on an assault weapons ban proposed after the december massacre in newtown, connecticut. witnesses included the father of one of the 20 children killed. it's hard for me to be here
6:35 pm
today. talking about my son. >> people say the overall number of assault weapon deaths is relatively small. please don't tell that to the people of tucson or aurora or columbine or virginia tech and don't tell that to the people of newtown. >> the senate judiciary committee headed by california senator dianne feinstein could vote on the proposed ban as early as tomorrow. still ahead at 6:00, the potential health impacts a sibling's death can have on a person. our investigative unit reveals more inspection problems at other bay area restaurants. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. it will start off cloudy on thursday. some of the warmest weather of 2013 coming up. ♪ roundup
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in health matters new information out tonight shows that same sex couples are not as healthy as straight couples and the pressures of society may be to blame. a new study asks about their health. men living in same sex relationships were 61% more likely to be in poor health and women with female partners were 46% likely to be in lower health. the researchers speculate that legalizing same sex marriage could help some same sex couples enjoy better health. the risk of dying from a heart attack is higher among adults who lost a sibling. recertificate ers blame unhealthy coping habits like overeating and chronic stress. they found women were 25% more
6:39 pm
likely to have a heart attack. men faced a 15% increase d risk. most patients did not have a heart attack right away. instead heart failure happened four to six years after their sibling's death. okay, mr. sunshine is with us now, jeff ranieri. >> where is that? me? >> you. >>07 degrees tomorrow? >> yes, stefts. even warmer by friday. we could have mid to upper 70s. we'll talk more in the seven-day forecast. we leave you now with this purple view across silicon valley. love the purple haze out there. all right. the 49ers are going to say good-bye to a quarterback, alex smith. next in sports, the details of the move plus a perspective on smith's legacy as a 49er. all that and more from the xfinity sports desk.
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6:41 pm
well, how clean is your favorite restaurant? first the silicon valley and now other parts of the bay area. it's an investigation that keeps getting bigger. >> health inspection programs throughout the bay area that have problems with enforcement. now the undercover investigation. >> reporter: having a score in the window forces restaurants to clean up because most customers who see a low score probably won't eat there. in santa clara county we know
6:42 pm
what to expect, nothing. they don't grade restaurants. but what about san mateo and san francisco? both score restaurants and require inspections be visibly posted. so we went undercover and found just because it's the rule doesn't mean it's being followed. at the busy cafe barone in men low park, there are plenty of menu choices. but something is missing. that's because we asked to see their inspection report. san mateo county requires it be posted in plain view. it's mysteriously missing, but would have shown us how the restaurant scored, excellent, good, fair or poor. less than 3% of restaurants in san mateo county scored poor last year. the cafe is one of them. >> that's the only thing we got docked for was food handler. >> but records show it was cite
6:43 pm
ed for major violations that may cause a foodborne illness. important information we found restaurants across san mateo county keeping from you. we visited 25 restaurants with hidden cameras looking for their inspection reports. thank you. that's just a permit. others had blank reports. i can't see anything on it. and at firehouse employees didn't know what county we were in. we are in san ma teo county, which may be why they also didn't know the rules. they said we had to show i.d. to see the report, which they didn't have. can we see your health inspection? this chuck e. cheese had it up but, look closely. >> that's old. >> reporter: it's from 2009. and you can't see the score. he says the inspector was there recently. >> we saw her a month and a half
6:44 pm
ago. >> how did you do? >> excellent. >> reporter: records show it received a fair. are you supposed to hang it up? >> yes or no. yeah. a health inspector never told me to. she's supposed to tell me. >> reporter: out of 25 restaurants, only one had the current report in plain view, so what's the penalty for not post ing it? there isn't one. do you think the system is working right now? >> i think that we have several tools for communicating inspection results to the public. >> reporter: we showed antoinette some of our video. is what you see acceptable to you? >> i think the important thing to remember is there's always that additional education that we can do with the restaurants. >> reporter: do you think there are things that maybe the county could can do to make sure that
6:45 pm
restaurants are in compliance and to bring them all up to the standard that you have here? >> i think the important thing is to remember that we as public health professionals go into a restaurant to ensure that they are complying with those laws and regulations. >> reporter: we also went to 25 restaurants in san francisco where inspection reports are required to be up and easy to spot, but we found it's a game of hide and seek. >> here it is. >> reporter: like where it was behind the wine. and above the door at taco in the marina. you can't even see that. at lori's diner, we found it behind a plant. and other places, well -- >> in the office. >> upstairs, i think. >> we have it in the kitchen. >> i think there's a lot of misinformation. >> reporter: richard lee is in charge of san francisco's inspection system. why do you think so many
6:46 pm
restaurants aren't complying? >> i don't think it's hyperbole. if they have a bad score, it's not something that they necessarily want the customers to see. >> reporter: lee says they are docked a point for not having the report up. you see, san francisco has a points system. inspectors score restaurants from one to 100 in detailed easy to access information posted on the county website. we found last year less than 8% of restaurants scored below 80. balboa cafe received an 81. customers walking in wouldn't know that. >> as long as it's available to guests to read, it doesn't have to be in public view. we have to keep it up for a certain amount of days after that evaluation. >> reporter: and then you can take it down? >> and then we can take it down as long as it's accessible to guests. >> the person who said you can take it down after a few days, that's incorrect. >> reporter: that was the manager. >> that's totally incorrect. >> reporter: we did find some restaurants with good scores posting this. it's an easy to read scorecard
6:47 pm
the county created to simplify inspection information for customers. so you don't have to review a two-page report, but -- >> the actual report is required to be posted but not the placard. >> reporter: do you think if it was required it would improve the system? >> i think it would improve public information. it would be easier for the general public to understand. that's probably more useful to them than looking at the inspection report. >> reporter: that's up to the board of supervisors to decide. until then -- it appears restaurants will decide what information they want you to see. we contacted all of the restaurants mentioned. most said they will post the inspection report in a visible spot. however, mommy burger in san francisco has not responded to it our request for comment and cafe barone says they were told they don't have to post the report. san mateo county says that's against policy and is looking into the claim. >> okay, very eye opening.
6:48 pm
thank you very much. if you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call or you can send us an e-mail to the unit. and the tip from our chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri -- >> sounds great. >> sounds great. >> yes, you are going to need the next couple of days. despite the way the radar looks back behind me, rainfall in northern california. by all indications we'll stay dry but that cloud cover will continue to increase and we need that rainfall and badly. look at this. napa just .62 of an inch of rainfall in 2013. we should have 8.17 by this point. so, again, tracking on the driest ever on record to date. let's get you outside to our live hd sky camera network. in emeryville we do have cloud cover here, mid to high level cloud cover associated with the storm system off to the north and here is the problem. we have the jet stream positioned right across washington and also oregon. it's just having such a hard time budging to the south because we have high pressure off the pacific. that will keep us sunny with slight offshore winds in the forecast as we head throughout the next two to three days.
6:49 pm
we're going to start tomorrow morning off with 36 in santa rosa. 41 in san jose. 43 in los gatos. how about your thursday? down in the south bay, 72 in morgan hill. 75 in gilroy. also 70 in los gat 0 os. down near the coastline it will be cooler. if you are heading from the south bay to santa cruz you will still need that jacket. nice across the east bay. 70 in dublin. also 69 in pleasanton. for san francisco, not quite 70 but you head up to santa rosa, you will hit 70 and 71 in sonoma and 69 in napa. on your three-day forecast we do get that morning fog for tomorrow but sunshine by the afternoon. for friday, high pollen stays the warmest weather of 2013 looks to hit us on friday. also on saturday, look at this. yes, finally, some rainfall coming as we head throughout next week on tuesday and also wednesday. in fact, by wednesday we could
6:50 pm
have a half inch to one inch with this storm. it is still several days out. that may change but this is our best indication that we have had of rain like this for quite some time, so we're going to take it. >> yes, definitely. >> and that's all i've got. >> okay, that's a lot. >> you had plenty. >> thank you. >> thanks, jeff. let's get to sports. let's bring in jim kozimor. someone that we would never trade to kansas city. >> i know. can you believe it? >> stay with us. send alex but stay with us. >> oh, jim. i thought you meant alex smith. jim, you stay here, yes. >> i think janelle has me traded. she has traded me for future considerations and a player to be named later. alex smith was not the most popular pick back in 2005 and didn't do much to help himself with his play on the field. then 2011. it was jim harbaugh who came along and turned smith from a
6:51 pm
bust into a winning nfl quarterback. today harbaugh and the 49ers did say good-bye to the former number one overall pick, and that is alex smith. multiple sources have confirmed the 49ers and chiefs have agreed on a trade. a conditional pick for 2014. smith 19-5-1 as a starter the past two seasons. his trade will have to be confirmed on nar 12th when it can officially go down. our 49ers insider weighs in on the legacy that smith is leaving behind in the bay area. alex smith's legacy with the 49ers can't be summed up and placed in a neat little box. for 45% of the fan base, it was unconditional love and support. for another 45% he could do no right after being the number one pick in the 2005 draft. the other 10%, kind of swung which ever way the wind was blowing. when he was up, they were up. when he was down, they were down on him. what alex smith did in the final
6:52 pm
two seasons with the 49ers will leave most people with a very positive impression, especially the way he handled the demotion. colin kaepernick took over. alex smith fully supported him and i think that's what people remember most about alex smith's eight seasons with the san francisco 49ers. >> i hope they remember him as a class act. >> to baseball we go. vogelsong on the mound. bottom of the second. bottom of the third, in a havna. four innings -- three innings, four ks and a hit. top of the six, two on. pagan launches a three-run bomb to right. his first home run this spring, 7-2, giants, just rolling over the angels. bottom of the ninth, romo is on to close it out. one out and one out, a single and a soft liner to left center. caleb comes around from second to score.
6:53 pm
8-2. jimenez goes down look iing. the giants go on to tie. a to the association and not good news for david lee and hibbert. both players suspended one game without pay by the league for n instigating the altercation in last night's warriors/pacers game. curry, stevenson fined $35,000 for their part in the melee that spilled over into the crowd. that never goes over well. stanford men play at home against colorado. st. mary's are at pepperdine. more on that at 11:00. the sportscaster formerly known as jim kozimor who has been traded, dave feldman tonight at 11:00. i'm traded for felldman. >> don't leave us. i beg you. i'll pay you more money. please stay. >> talk to my agent. >> there we go.
6:54 pm
thank you, jim. for a full half hour watch sports net central tonight at 10:30 with jim kozimor. [ crickets chirping ]
6:55 pm
[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
6:56 pm
tonight at 11:00 -- >> i couldn't come back and so it's always been on the back of my mind that he could hurt my family. >> more from that man who moved from portland, oregon, all because he was afraid jeremy goulet would retaliate after getting caught peeping on that man's girlfriend. that's tonight at 11:00 after an all new "law & order svu." "have a great evening. see you at 11:00.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
>> now on "extra" -- jen aniston's top-secret wedding plans revealed. from the rings to the dress to the guest list. >> do we know where it's going to be? >> now trending, tiger and elin's surprise caught-on-camera reunion. are they getting back together? trump versus mcfarland. he dissed seth. now is the donald doing an about-face. who else is in trump's cross-hairs? >> i think he's guilty as hell. >> one of the beauty queens embroiled in a sex tape scandal. new shocker in the blade runner murder.
6:59 pm
was reeva pregnant? and was that his motive? then -- >> hey extra! >> renee has "american idol" bad girl nicki minaj on plastic surgery rumors and diva feud with mariah. >> who woo win? >> katherine rehearsing dance moves. seth cracking up with sandra. all-new behind-the-scenes photos from the oscars. then we plucked her from the crowd during a weight loss story. >> how much weight would you like to lose? >> nine months later -- >> how much weight did you lose? -- it's time for the big reveal. >> plus, what's in the box? [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic elevision distribution] >> i'm maria menounos. jennifer's wedding plans leak out. who's designing the dress to the secret location. clues coming up. >> first, photos we never thought we would see, tiger woods and his ex reunited. >> i hope it's for the kids' sakes, mario. >> full storey trending. >> like tiger never cheated.

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